Philips Kompaktleuchtstofflampe Master PL-S 9W 827/4P 1CT/5X10BOX

Philips Kompaktleuchtstofflampe Master PL-S 9W 827/4P 1CT/5X10BOX - remainder

Philips compact fluorescent lamp Master PL-S 9W 827 / 4P 1CT / 5X10BOX - remainder
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MASTER PL-S is ideally suited for use in decorative lighting. The bridge technology developed by Philips ensures optimal performance with more light and higher efficiency at high temperatures in the luminaire. Notes: The lighting and electrical properties of the lamp are influenced by the operating conditions such as the ambient temperature and the operating position as well as the HF ballast used. Frequent switching and inadequately preheated electrodes shorten the life of the lamp. Breaking the glass of a lamp is very unlikely to have a negative impact on your health. If the glass breaks, ventilate the room for 30 minutes and remove the splinters using gloves if possible. Put the splinters in a sealable plastic bag and hand them in at the materials yard for recycling. Do not use a vacuum cleaner.

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