polykristalline Solarmodule

polykr. Solarmodule

Each PV module is characterized by certain performance and high yields of adequate premium manufacturers. Solar modules based on monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon are most often set up. The yields of monocrystalline modules are higher. The efficiency in the course of monocrystalline modules is higher with 18-22% than in the course of polycrystalline solar modules with about 13-17%. Due to this, polycrystalline components are cheaper. Because aesthetics is always more important in private PV systems, elements with black anodized frames and black backsheets are increasingly used for optical reasons.

In the event of shading on the roof, ingredients with third power optimizers are flawless. Glass-glass elements are preferred due to their of durability, pressure load on the module front in snowy areas.

New is the change of half-cell ingredients, which hold higher power per area and equally a more refined yield behavior in the wake of shading.

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